Females for sale

We´ll always have females for sale. We recommend you to get in touch with us for updated info on prices , who they´re bred to etc. We class them in five price categories (PC):

1:Value for money 3500-6500€  2: Great prospect 6500-9000€  3: Excellent prospect 9000-12000€  

4: Elite 12000-15000€ 5: Special 15000+€.     S: Sale in progress     POR: Price on request. Some of our proven, older females are available due to good coverage in that genetic line. Please take contact.

Info incl. name of animal, color, day of birth.  sire with color, dam with color, and price class.

Alpacajoy Edel Vice (BE). 02.06.19. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - NC Ice Rose (WH)). 2

Alpacajoy Black Mamba (TB). 19.08.19. (Alpacajoy Y-King (LB) - Orlando`s Wifi Cloud (DRG)). 3

Alpacajoy Freya (WH). 05.05.19. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Alpacajoy Champagne (WH)). 4 

CCNF Victoriana (WH). 11.07.12. (Snowmass Matrix Majesty (LB) - Nova`s Victoria (TB)). POR

CCNF Lycia (WH). 11.07.12. (Snowmass Matrix Majesty (LB) - Nova`s Victoria (TB)). POR

Alpacajoy Lollipop (TB). 23.07.20. (Nittedals Spinner (TB) - Alpacajoy Nonstop (LB)). 2

CCNF Chiquita (WH). 24.10.09. (Snowmass Messiah (WH) - CCNF Senorita (WH)). POR

Alpacajoy Nonstop (LB). 23.08.18. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Paragons Luthien (TB)). 2

 To find more info on them, visit the Norwegian Alpaca Register for full pedigrees. For photo, stats and additional info please contact us!