Why work with Alpacajoy

After 7 years of owning alpacas, and 5 or so years having a plan on what to do, we´re more and more aware on how important it is to start off in a good way. Breeding alpacas is something who takes a long time compared to other lifestock, and (it could be) expensive... Especially making bad choices in the beginning could waste both time, money AND energy. It´s a lot to dig into as a fresh alpaca owner. You should be confidant that the breeder and mentor helps you out with the essentials, not just cashing in on you. 

Why work with Alpacajoy of Norway? A lot could be said, but we´ve tried to sum it up:

* If you wanna work with someone who has a 100% passion for alpacas.

* If you wanna have a breeder and mentor who wants AND makes a big effort for you to succeed in your breeding.

* If you wanna have someone covering your back and help you out when things aren´t going smoothly.

We have a good list of partners and clients, who have had considerable success working with us and our genetics, so feel free to ask for references.

We´re located only 1h+ north of Oslo International Airport. If you want to visit us, we can promise you that we´ll make it worth it!


Norwegian National Halter Show 2018

We have enjoyed a lot of success the last 3-4 show seasons. It´s hard to rate which was the best one... But for sure this one makes the podium. Having Amanda VandenBosch judge our animals, we didn´t just have the top animal(s), we had the depth as well. Our showteam of 15 animals collected 10 1st places, 2 out of 12 Reserve Championships, 5 out of 12 Championships, Best Female, Best Male, Supreme Chapion and 3 out 4 Progeny Championships. This was a 140-150 animal show, and the standard was really high. Alpacajoy Corvette (WH) was the Best Female, Alpacajoy Huckleberry Finn (DF) was Best Male and Supreme Champion. 


We want to produce the highest quality of alpaca for sale in Europe, and for extending and improving our own herd.  Here is a glimpse of some of our animals exquisite fleeces:

1610 Alpacajoy Bellissimo, 2nd fleece

1705 Alpacajoy Huckleberry Finn, 1st fleece

1704 Alpacajoy Lasarus, 1st fleece

1707 Alpacajoy Maximus, 1st fleece

If you think this is interesting for you and your alpaca farm, old or new, feel free to contact us!

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