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We´ll always have males for sale. Get in touch with us for updated info. We class them in 4 price categories: 1:6500-9900€  2:10000-15900€  3:16000-22900€  4:Price on request. TBA: To be announced, contact us.

Info incl. name of animal, color, day of birth.  sire and dam with color, and price class.

Alpacajoy Afterglow of Creation (BE). 15.06.18. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Alpacajoy Epiphany (BE)). 4

Alpacajoy ExtraTerrestrial (WH). 18.06.19. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Alpacajoy Epiphany (BE)). 4

Alpacajoy Centurion (WH). 25.05.18. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Alpacajoy Lady of the Camellias (WH)). 2

Alpacajoy Goldrunner (MF). 09.08.17. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Paragon´s Luthien (TB)). 1


 Alpacajoy Thomas Shelby (WH). 18.06.20. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) -  Alpacajoy Hyacinth Bucket (WH)). 4


Alpacajoy Orient-Express (LB). 28.05.20. (Alpacajoy Y-King (LB) -  Alpacajoy Mad. Butterfly (BE)). TBA     


 Alpacajoy Alexander The Great (LB). 09.08.20. (Alpacajoy Huckleberry Finn (DF) - Indianna of Pet. (LF)). TBA                       


Alpacajoy Intergalactic (LF). 05.08.20. (CCNF Nazareth (WH) - Alpacajoy Epiphany (BE)). TBA


Alpacajoy Figaro (WH). 25.07.20.(Alpacajoy Bellissimo (WH) -  CCNF Traviata (WH)). TBA


Alpacajoy Dandy Lion (WH). 03.07.20. (Alpacajoy Bellissimo (WH) -  NC Ice Rose (WH)). 2


To find more info on them, visit the Norwegian Alpaca Register for full pedigrees. For photos, stats and      additional info please contact us!

Alpacajoy Dantes Inferno

Being the full brother to our wonderboy Alpacajoy Huckleberry Finn, this youngster should be on every breeders wishlist. Picture at 5 months of age.

Alpacajoy Afterglow of Creation

Looking for something special? Afterglow has the most advanced fleece style, he´s totally what you call "a full package". Picture taken the day he was born, he was already a star then.

CCNF Nazareth

Our super herdsire, just keep on producing excellent junior herdsires. He´s got all the bases covered, and it shows in all of his offsprings. Don´t hesitate, pay us a visit and find out for yourselves.